Makers and supporters say

Happy E17 Designers’ customers say:


'the market was FAB as usual!'' Christmas 2018

"Fantastic quality"


"Entertaining and creative"


"Always a treat" 


"Everyone so pleasant, helpful - lovely work"


"Usual top quality - Still fresh and unusual"

“I love the E17 market and try to go to as many as I can :)”

“always lovely E17 Designers fairs”

“what a fab venue (Mirth)”

“best market of the year”

"The designers have all upped their game in terms of presentation- every stall looks great"

"The website is a great tool, all the images look lovely and it means  that they can be seen not just at makes me want to come again and again to see who is here."

"I have been coming for three years and this is the best selection ever-"

"It's such lovely work-does everyone make a living doing this?"

Past and present E17 Designers’ say:

"it certainly has been a boost during this start up phase, so thank you!"

Emily Brooks


"Thank you so much for helping Edie Rose, it’s been a pleasure being part of E17 designers and wish you ongoing success"

Edie Rose

"The E17 Designers markets have a been a great way for us to attract local and not so local customers.  They have been the perfect vehicle for us to test products, get great customer feedback regarding our products and network with other designers in London....and beyond."

Queenie and Ted


"E17 Designers has been a great way to establish a loyal and local customer base as well as meeting wonderful local makers."
Abigail Booth, Co-Director, Forest-and-Found


"I joined the E17 Designers' by accident 10 years ago. I baked a few cakes for fun. I was fortunate to be asked to join the group after the first event I did. I would not have started my own baking business if it had not been for Carolyn's support and the opportunity to be a part of the E17 Designers. Being part of a group with scheduled events gave me the confidence to set up on my own. I've been lucky to have been asked to make cakes for people's special events and met many interesting and enthusiastic customers and designers. It is a community I'm very proud to be part of."
Suzie Cakes


"E17 Designers has played a big part in making Walthamstow a very attractive place to live"
Tidy Books


"I first joined E17 Designers around 2007. Having moved to the area in 2004 with a one year old son, I started looking for creative groups that I could join. As a trained graphic illustrator I wanted to get back into design and potentially sell some of my screen printed designs on t-shirts and baby gift wear. E17 Designers was a perfect place to meet some lovely like-minded women who were in a very similar situation to myself. Having set up Little Mashers I wanted an outlet to sell and test the market and the E17 Designers quarterly events were a great place to do this. Groups like E17 Designers give you experience of what it is like to make and sell your own items, test commercial viability and help connect with similar creative businesses."
Little Mashers


"Being a member of E17 Designers has been a real help in starting and growing my business. I had literally no experience of running a business and it offered a way of trying things out within a supportive framework. I got to have access to social media exposure, shared ideas and contacts with other small businesses and got to trade within a small craft market setting at E17 Designers popular local fairs. This meant I was also able to meet and chat with lots of customers and build strong local networks."
Mothers Ruin


"As a small local business, the appearance at E17 designers served us as a great marketing opportunity to introduce Forest Wines to a big local audience and meet a lot of lovely business owners from around the borough."
Forest Wines


"My first introduction to the E17 Designers market was one sunny day many summers ago when I popped into Lloyd Park to meet a local vintage trader who had set up stall as part of that craft fair.  I hadn't heard of E17 Designers but was bowled over by the high quality, one-of-a-kind designer maker products on offer. My Vintage-a-Fairs sprung directly from seeing the talent and goodwill that Carolyn gathers under her umbrella.  As an event organiser I wouldn't have become part of that unique landscape if it hadn't been for E17 Designers"
Auntie Maureen

What press are saying...


"Swap Oxford Street for Orford Road"

Time Out London Spring 2014 


"Give a handmade pressie... one of a kind"

Walthamstow Guardian



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