Wood and Ceramic Cheese Knife

Sylva Ceramics

My latest work is an Exhibition at the Sideshow E17 called Hall of Masks.
There is something almost irresistible about masks, you want to put them on and experience the possibility of being someone else or even as disguise. 

Masks have been used by our ancestors for centuries to impersonate or represent others in the theatre, festivals and ceremonies. I am inspired by the Native American Cultures, African Tribes and our urban culture were beards, tattoos and big earrings are normal way to be distinctive.

Even though ceramic is something fragile I took my chances and we came out with the idea of having a Hall of Masks that you can stand behind and take pictures for your social media, sharing it with the world.
Come and find the one that suits you and represents you better, take a picture and share it with the word. 

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If you are interested to purchase my masks please send me an email at yaniresd@gmail.com. Prices start at £250 each.
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