Misty Doll
Felt and vintage fabrics.
My new style Misty Doll. Fashioned in felt, creepy button eye and mainly vintage fabrics. Usually around 22 inches high, poly stuffed and suitable for the over 5 years of age due to small parts.

Bendy Mod Doll
Felt, vintage fabrics and fabric paints.
My Bendy Mod Dolls come in a riot of colours and sizes! Hardwearing and durable for little ones to mess with. A must for those with an eye for the different!!!

Stacey Hamilton-Hall

Maker of dolls.......and stuff!

Mainly a maker of one-eyed dollies.........................although I also create child and adult headbands, clips, brooches and affordable 'pocket money priced' accessories.

A spin-off of my one-eyed dolls are greetings cards inspired by my doll faces incorporating mixed-media and my undying passion for googly eyes.

Recently I have added cupcake toppers and occasion wreaths to my collection of unusual items!


My inspiration comes from a love of the odd, strange, ugly, vintage, false eyelashes, wine..........and FUN!!!!



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