Kodes Accessories

Kodes are handcrafted bold geometric jewellery for the modern woman to empower her to express her personality by making an accessible statement investment that won’t break the bank.

Kodes are statement jewellery pieces, handmade in London by Morena Fiore. They include laser cut acrylic geometric jewellery, hand painted wooden geometric pieces, as well as necklaces made with silicone beads. They are all light and yet make a statement, being quirky and bold.

Kodes is born from a need for affordable investment jewellery pieces, the perfect statement necklace that packs a punch, the item that you would wear at an interview, where you’re still dressing conservatively but you want to still express your creativity and personality.

I also produce custom pieces, based on clients' outfits and taste. Each item can be personalised and curated by me, including adding an initial or full name to any necklace which are hand stamped.



Handmade by Fluster Design