Origami Necklace
Vintage style flower pendant inspired by bone china jewellery. Brooches,rings and haircombs also made.

Origami necklace and earring set
Flower pendant and earrings made in a Japanese lace print origami paper with beads to add detail.

Gillis Flowers

I make jewellery using origami and altered paper and often combine paper elements with beads. I use a range of different types of paper including handmade, specialist origami paper and recycled paper. To protect the finished pieces they are given several coats of good quality polyurethane varnish which makes them water resistant and adds strength and shine. Most pieces have a floral theme, either fun and contemporary or vintage style.  I also make pieces which are more geometric,  tiny birds and have recently started making cufflinks and unisex stud earrings.  

I take inspiration from many things, but in particular vintage flower jewellery and flowers and plants. I love colour, and with origami always enjoy finding and trying out new paper and how different a fold can look simply by changing the paper.

I came to this after having to give up sewing and patchwork due to health problems,  but still wanting (needing) to design and make. Origami jewellery making not only satisfies this, but also provides good therapy for my hands. As well as selling through E17 Designers I have recently relaunched my website and now have an online shop as well. My website goes into more detail about my pieces and also has a blog.

Making jewellery from paper may seem strange, but customers and visitors to my stall are always surprised at how strong it is and how it is not at all flimsy.



Handmade by Fluster Design