Morris The Monster
canvas, wood, fabrics and buttons
Retro fabrics along with vintage buttons. machine and hand sewn.

Mildred Cat
vintage fabric and polyester filling
Handmade using vintage fabric. Features sewn by hand. Filled with polyester stuffing. Machine washable. Suitable for little ones (no small parts) and completely house trained.

Hilda Rocket

Hilda Rocket graduated with a First in Ceramics and 3-D Design from Middlesex University. After having her second child, she moved into the area of designing and making children’s clothes and toys. Using techniques including knitting, sewing and felting, she is able to design and create beautiful handmade items characterised by a wonky, skew-whiff, off-kilter sense of fun. She concentrates on detail, perfecting technique and producing work in small amounts; no two Hilda Rocket items are ever exactly the same.

Her creations are conjured up while she consumes large amounts of coffee and watches loads of tennis, cricket and football. If you pass her house, you will hear the faint click-clicking of knitting needles drifting into the street, followed by an almighty roar whenever Arsenal scores or Eion Morgon is on strike

Hilda Rocket has established her own distinctive label over the past 12 years, She uses only the finest yarns and materials to create toys with a quirky and distinctive flavour. Vintage patterns provide her with inspiration. The loving detail of these hand-crafted and collectible pieces is undeniable. Welcome one into your life today. All toys fully house-trained. Contact:




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